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 Guild Charter

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PostSubject: Guild Charter   Sun Feb 03, 2008 9:54 pm

New Horizons - Horde guild on the Duskwood server


New Hozions is a small, casual guild for players who like to raid but know RL > WoW. We plan on raiding on weekends and chilling during the week. If you are hardcore, this is not the guild for you. It is an adult guild based upon respect for each other above all else. We will focus mainly on PVE content but players are more than welcome to PVP and several guildies tear up the BGs daily.


Respect, respect, respect at all times....including raids and instances. There will be no tolerance for rude behaviour in any chat, including trade and general. If you are caught being rude, annoying, belittling or an all out jerk you will be spoken to and most likely removed from the guild. Any serious name-calling, rudeness, bullying, eliteism to a fellow guildie will mean removal from the guild. Mild swearing in chat and on the forums is fine as this is an adult guild...same with off-coloured jokes and mild teasing but know your target and when in doubt, don't hit enter. This guild is about each other and having fun with players who share a similar mindset. We can be quite goofy and a little dirty, but we will not tolerate rudeness. Guildies are also encouraged to lend a hand to each other to avoid pppppuuuugggggssss but excessive begging and guilt tripping is unacceptable.

New Recruits:
New Horizons will remain a small guild and only accepting members by application through the forums or interviews in-game with one of the officers. Applicants may check out the process through the Application forum. Applicants will be given initiate status for 2 weeks and will be required to complete 1 5 man instance with an officer before being promoted to member. The guild will only accept level 60+ characters with the only exceptions being friends and family of current guildies.

The Guild Bank:
The main purpose of the bank will be for raiding. The gold in the bank will be used to help with repair bills. At the end of every raid night, each raider will be entitled to 5G to help with their bills. As the bank becomes more wealthy, this amount will increase. Currently, withdrawal is controlled by the Guild Leaders. As more valuable items are added, we will auction the items through group calendar and the forums. If there is an item you would like to have, let one of the leaders know. Consumables (and rep items) in the bank will be sold to guildies at a very low price before each raid in case of emergencies or at any time by psting a guild leader. If there is a large number of consumables in the bank, they will be distributed to raiders and guildies at no cost or sold on the AH with gold from the sales going to the guild bank. There is no requirement to donate to the bank, but if you do, you'll likely be making another guildies game a little better.

At this time there will be 1 kara group that will run Fri, Sat and Sun at 7 - 10 pm server time. Guildies wishing to go to kara must sign up on the guild calendar and must be logged on 30 prior to start time. Failure to be online without letting an officer know will mean forfeiting your spot to another guildy. Guildies must meet the minimum gear requirements posted in the Raiding forum in order to be accepted for Kara, unless exceptional circumstances dictate (ie we need a 10th DPS and you're 50 spell damage short). Raiders are expected to bring their own consumables and be repaired before beginning the raid. A list of consumables can be found in the Raiding forums.

Loot Rules
For 5 man instances, need or pass and greed for DE. If there is no DE'er, all greed. If you win a greed, pass until everyone else has won one too. Shards will be rolled on at the end of the run to spread the loot around. If you received a blue boss drop then you will not receive a shard unless all other guildies received a drop too. Share the wealth!!
For Kara: All green drops will be vendored and the gold will go to the bank for repairs. If you would like one of the green drops, let the lootmaster know and you may purchase it for vendor price. If 2 guildies want the same green it will be rolled for. All BOE blues and epics will be rolled upon by the guildies in the raid. If you win one and more drop, you will not be permitted to roll again. For BOP Kara drops, please refer to the Loot rules in the Raiding forum

All guildies must have group calendar from curse gaming. As we are focused on PVE, guildies must also have OMEN or KTM Threat Meter. All raiders must have Deadly Boss Mods or Big Wigs.

We're working on it. Once we get it going, please refrain from using foul language as some guildies have kiddies with sharp ears and a parrot tongue Wink Behaviour rules in the guild are the same on vent.

Once you are a member you can have all the alts in the guild you want....just play them once in a blue moon Wink

Guild Leaders: This guild has 3 GMS, Alyia, Getumm and Towen (technically Alyia is the GM in Blizzard's eyes).
Guild Officers: The officers are Bloodray and Rackhir. They will have similar permissions as the GLs and are to be consulted for any guild business if the GLs are in hiding or you are uncomfortable talking to a GL for some strange reason.
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Guild Charter
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